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Not just Pizza: Tasty innovation in Leiden!

The Pizzolo is a typical preparation of the town of Sortino, close to Siracusa (Sicily). Its name comes from the Sicilian word "pizzolu": a big oval-shaped stone. Peasants used to cook bread on this stone and then fill it with vegetables. For this reason, Pizzolo looks similar to a round pizza filled with different ingredients (salty or even sweet) seasoned on the surface with oil, salt, thyme and Parmigiano. 


Our services

Chef at Home

If you are looking for an exclusive experience, Don Turi makes it possible to have a fine dining experience without moving from home. The "Chef at Home" service will bring Don Turi directly into your kitchen where he is going to unleash his magic and cook any menu you desire.


Event Catering

For those who want to celebrate an important event like a birthday, a wedding or a party with traditional Italian food, Don Turi is what you are looking for! Don Turi does more than Pizza, in fact we can take care of your event with a tailor-made catering service. Contact us for more information and we will help you shape the best food experience for your event.

Award of Recommended Business by ECCELLZENZE ITALIANE

The Committee of ECCELLENZE ITALIANE in November 2021, on the recommendation of an attentive clientele, awarded the Diploma of Italian Excellence with ID N. 18695, which certifies that Don Turi is in possession of the requisites for the inclusion of Italian Excellences. 

Click on the "Eccellenze Italiane" icon to have a look at the page they have created about our company.